Welcome back, Kott..Walker

Yes, I believe the time has come for me to start blogging again.  So, welcome back to Carolina Cajun’s blog.  I hope you enjoy what you find and that you read something that makes you think.  I’m not so concerned that anyone agrees with me, but if you think about what I post, that is great.

My plan for now is to write every other day or so, but I’m not sure how well that will work so bear with me if I’m not quite as faithful as I plan.  I have a few ideas and thoughts about what to write about, so topics aren’t going to be the problem.  However, I am working and still have four active kids.  That means while content may not be an issue, time to write may be an issue.  I will do my best to find the time to write.  I think it is helpful and therapeutic for me.  For my content, I’m going to try to be more structured with what I write.  Here is my day by day topic.  While I may vary this on occasion, I will generally stick to these themes.

Monday Dundy – I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of the TV show The Office, but I’ve been told that I would enjoy it.  From the ALLCAPS song about the show, I’ve learned that The Dundies is the annual awards ceremony for the company.  On Monday’s, I will give out an award for something.  Sometimes this will be serious, at other times this will be satire.  (Today, being Monday, I will award myself the Welcome Back award.)

Political Tuesday – Since election day is always on Tuesday, I figured that would be a good thing to write about on Tuesdays.  I’m not a very political person and I generally avoid (and detest) politics.  But, I’m also an American and politics is a part of who we are as a country.  So, even though I don’t like politics, I have to deal with this and come to some conclusions.  Maybe my journey through this will help someone else figure it out.

Word Wednesday – My wife suggested that I have a word for the day/week/two-week section on Wednesdays.  I thought it was a good idea.  Most of you probably have a vocabulary with much more depth than I do, but maybe there will be a word or phrase that you learn.

Theological Thursday – Theology has always been interesting to me.  I believe in God and because of that, I believe that both the physical and spiritual worlds follow an order and design.  Theology is the study of the design of the spiritual realm.  I am a Christian, but I hold that as different from either religion or non-religion.  True Christianity is something else entirely.  On Thursdays, I hope to both explore and share my beliefs.

Free-form Friday – Friday is a day to cover anything I want to talk about.  I know there will be tangents, rants, and just randomness that I want to delve into.  If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, I’ll spend Friday talking about it.  Sometimes if I need to follow up on something from one of the other days, I can use Friday to follow up as well.

Saturday Sports – Those who know me know that I really enjoy sports.  Saturday will be my time to talk about the New Orleans Saints, the Atlanta Braves, the LSU Tigers (baseball and football), and anything else about sports that I want to address.

Sunday Praise – In the past, I would post a Psalm from the scriptures on Sundays.  I will continue to do this, or I will post a song that has meant a lot to me.  Sometimes I may comment on these posts, but other times I will just leave the text of the Psalm or song to speak for itself.



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