Lent Writing, Day Two

baseballloveWell, with one day of writing down, and one difficult situation over with (mostly), I’m back and continuing writing.  I’ve seriously considered what I wanted to write about today and I’ve had several different thoughts.  I guess, in a sense, part of this experiment (shall we call it that) was to be a stream of consciousness at the time I was writing, so while I’ve tried to think about some topics, I’m trying not to think too much about exactly what I want to say.  I’ll start and we’ll see where we end up.

I was watching something on YouTube earlier and Budweiser is running an ad to support the national campaign to make Baseball’s opening day a national holiday.  While I definitely support the concept, it is not likely to get me an extra day off, nor is it likely to get me to Atlanta to watch the Braves’ opener.  So, yeah, I’ll support the concept simply because of how much I love baseball, not because it actually benefits me.  Honestly, the thoughts of opening day, of the beginning of a new baseball season, it is a moving thought to me.  Opening day is an emotional thought in my brain.  Yeah, I know I’m weird, so what.

But really, why shouldn’t thoughts of baseball be an emotional experience for me?  All four of my kids played baseball and/or softball at one time or another.  And, with the exception of Lydia, I was coach for each of them during their playing days.  Even for Lydia’s team, I was often an impromptu base coach and often a personal coach for her batting or fielding.  Whenever I coached, my wife kept the score sheet.  Baseball is a very familial affair for us, so it isn’t surprising there are feelings of nostalgia that come up when I think of it.

Beyond that, my wife and I have been on five anniversary vacations to visit Major League Baseball teams around the country.  We both love the sights and sounds of the fans and a game, and have enjoyed the trips very much.  (Yes, after the first one, I told her I would never take her for our anniversary again if she didn’t like it, but she loved it.)  Thoughts of baseball are tied into some of the best experiences of my life, both with my wife and with my kids.

Baseball is also responsible for some of the greatest heartbreaks of my life.  Being totally open and honest, losing a championship game as a coach years ago was, perhaps one of the turning points in my life.  The story is longer than I have room for here, but it was a profound experience, and was, in a very real sense, the first time I had to confront the fact that things I had been taught weren’t necessarily true.  Ask me about it some time, I’ll tell you the story if you want to hear it.  Buy me a drink and I’ll give you the longer version with the lessons I learned.  Maybe it will help you like it helped me.  And if you see a glistening in the corner of my eye, just know it is a mote of dust, nothing more.



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