What? A Weekend Post

It may come as a surprise to some of you that my schedule is vastly different on the weekend than it is during the week.  That means that I’m not generally active on either facebook or blogs during the weekend.  (Not sure I’d call my presence active during the week, but hopefully you get the point.)  In any case, I knew that the weekend would be the more difficult time for me to post, so I’m glad that I actually did get to post today, even if it took me until after eleven o’clock to do so.

In other news, this will likely be the last time I post a link to my blog to facebook during this season of writing.  I do plan to continue writing for the rest of Lent (and possibly beyond), but I will not continue to cloud everyone’s new feed with my blog post.  I’m vain enough to have a blog (we’ve covered that before), but I’m not vain enough to think anyone cares.  Or rather, that those who might care enough need reminding of my blog.  The former is probably more true, I’m surprised anyone is still reading these.

I’m sitting here trying to decide what to write about.  I know that I’m supposed to just do a stream of thought for these posts, but my brain is moving too fast for me to be able to write everything down.  I’ve had a variety of things happen today.  And absolutely none of it was interesting or spectacular.

We are heading to visit a church in the morning.  We’ve been there before, and I wasn’t too fond of it, but my son wanted to go and wanted us to go with him.  So we are going.  A friend from work goes to this church as well, so I may get to see him tomorrow.  As far as the church goes, it was a decent enough service, but it was very typical of the modern American church.  Very much what has been described as a therapeutic moralistic deism.  Church that preaches that God makes you feel better when you act better, but that’s about it.  It lacks the depth of orthodoxy and the truth of grace.  The gospel is, essentially lost, or at best countered by the preaching.  But, the radical gospel is different, and essentially lost in modern American evangelical churches.

I wish we could find somewhere to go that had both the respect for the doctrines of grace, the orthodoxy of the Reformed church, and the necessary elements of community that we genuinely need.  But unfortunately, it doesn’t appear there is such a place in Memphis.  If there is, we haven’t found it, but I wish we could find it.  Church is important, but if the doctrine is inaccurate and the community is lacking, I have a hard time considering it worthy of going.

I’m sure some people, even some family, consider my demands for a church to be overly strict.  The old adage about if one finds the perfect church don’t join it because it won’t be perfect anymore.  Or that you simply can’t find a perfect church.  But that’s just it, I’m not looking for a perfect church.  Just a church that teaches right doctrine.  It is important for my family to have a church that has community.  (Yeah, I suppose it is important to me, too, but I consider it more important for my family.)  If the doctrine isn’t correct, though, why would I subject myself to incorrect teaching week after week?  That’s why I don’t feel like I can settle for a church and why we still don’t have a church.  I guess I’ll have to revisit this later since I’ve only just scratched the surface.



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