A Jumble of Thoughts

Wow.  I have lots going through my head and I really don’t know what to write about tonight.  I dabble with the Briggs-Myers personality types (MBTI), and my type is INTJ.  One aspect of INTJ is that we have lots of internal thoughts.  I mean lots of internal thoughts.  I can be carrying on a conversation with my wife and jump topics quite randomly.  At least, it appears to be random to her, but for me it is a clear stream of thoughts.  Sometimes I catch myself and I can go back and explain to her how things are connected.  Sometimes I don’t notice and she just smiles and keeps up as best as she can. 🙂

So, I was thinking of posting some thoughts on my views on homosexuality and the current issues surrounding gay marriage and other gay issues in America.  I am a Christian and I have generally conservative, albeit libertarian, beliefs.  However, I think that the Christian response to homosexuality, or more precisely, the lack of adaptability by Christianity towards homosexuality.  The issue is deep and requires thoughtful consideration, sincere Biblical study, and genuine grace to respond to correctly.  I hope to do that eventually, but for now I will simply say that the one rule of the scriptures above all others is to love one another.  Without love it is not possible to find a common ground or come to any understanding.

In another area, there was a post on Facebook by a friend linking to an article mentioning Bill Maher’s rant about the upcoming film story about Noah.  Sigh.  I hate to even give time to Maher, and I won’t provide a link to the article.  But it simply amazes me that people are talking high praise about the exercise of “critical thinking” that Maher displays.  It is stunning on the one hand because Maher’s arguments are actually lacking in either critical thinking, or  else he exhibits a severe lack of understand about that which he is condemning.  Maher agrees with the death penalty.  So, on some level he believes that the creator and sustainer of  a creation does indeed have the right to establish laws and execute judgement when those rules are violated.  The death penalty is exactly that.  We the people (or the civil leaders if you don’t accept that we are an effective democracy) have the authority to decide that a murderer can indeed be put to death and then execute that judgement.  But on the other side, Maher seems unable to comprehend that God, as the creator and sustainer of the universe has the authority to define the laws and execute judgement against violators.

On the other hand, it amazes me that the people who are singing the praise of Maher are the same people who shout the loudest against the ranting of the likes of Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly.  Maher is just as much a media “shock” jock as anyone else in the business.  He is paid for his opinion and he plays to his target audience the same as Beck or O’Reilly.  The truth is far less important to the feeding of the waiting fans.  And if the result is polarization of the populace into divisive groups who are at each other’s throats, well, that’s not their problem, they still get their check.  Now, if I said this about Maher only, the Christian community and other conservatives would agree with me wholeheartedly.  If I said this only about Beck or O’Reilly, the left would agree with me wholeheartedly.  But because I say it about both sides, it will be rare to find complete agreement.  And that generation and exacerbating of conflict is a vast part of the problem in our country.

Well, there is more going on in my head, but that’s all the room I have to ramble.  I do want to give a shout out to the folks who have visited in the past few days.  After three days with no readers, I wondered (as you know if you read) that I was questioning whether I would have the freedom that having no readers would provide.  I may miss that freedom, but I am happy to have some people reading my rambling.  Hopefully you enjoy it.


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