Perpetual Problems

FirstWorldI have three things to gripe about tonight.  I’m not sure if anyone else has these issues, but these things annoy me to no end.  If you have a solution for any of them, feel free to let me know.  I’d love to solve some of these problems that seem to be simple to overcome.  At least some of them.

First, and this is the hardest one to solve, is work related.  I absolutely hate how counter productive my job is sometimes.  I program computers.  I have users who use the applications I support.  My job is, generally speaking, to make changes to the application to make it easier for my users to use the application.  So there is another application that my application has to interface with.  We recently put the code into place that facilitates the integration, but there were some bugs.  All of the bugs had a work around, so we left them (with the user’s permission) for a little bit to make sure nothing else came up.

Well, all of the fixes are ready.  I compiled the application and I wanted to let my test users try it out to make sure it did what they needed it to do.  Only, there isn’t anywhere on our network that I have access to copy the files that they have access to run the files.  So, that means that, rather than a quick half hour check to ensure it was what they were wanting (what we call prototyping or proof of concept), I have to go through the entire release process just to let my users see what we’ve changed.  All because “the powers that be” have deemed it inappropriate for us to have access to the same locations.

So, we have to go through a week or so of release process just to let them test the changes.  And if there is anything missing, or anything they want in addition, we will either have to back up and repeat everything once their change is done, or we will have to put off their additional requests until the next release (possible 3-4 months).  It seems so stupid and crazy.  I understand the need for a release process, but we also really need to work a proof of concept area to simplify this for our users.  (I’ve requested this from my boss, but it isn’t priority enough for him to fight for just yet.)

Second issue is also work related and is likely just as difficult to correct.  I generally will have anywhere between four and six different projects going on at one time.  I don’t mind this as I work better with lots to do.  But it seems that with each project, I get to the point of needing someone else to input into the project.  I send an email (I’ve tried simple face to face requests, and learned my lesson) to request the other persons assistance.  Then I wait.  While waiting I work on another project and the same thing happens, so I send another request.

This repeats for all of my projects, but I still haven’t heard back from anyone yet.  So I will wait a few days, doing some side training or some personal work.  Eventually, I hear back from one or two of the projects.  Then, before I can even finish reading their email, the rest of my project requests all come back.  I go from almost literally doing nothing to being overwhelmed with things to do within the span of an hour or two.  That’s what happened today and that’s why it is nearly four hours later than I normally post to my blog.

Finally, directly related to the blog.  I have lots and lots of brilliant ideas throughout the day on what to post.  I come upon different things that catch my interest and that I want to talk about.  I even come up with things I want to say in specific sometimes.  Then it comes time to actually write a post and my brain goes blank.  Not that I can’t remember anything, but that I’m tired and don’t have the energy to address the deeper issues when I write (maybe I shouldn’t write when I’m ready to go home for the day).

I’ve tried putting a few notes into a “draft” post and keeping those for future writing, but when I go back to these notes I find it extremely difficult to flesh out into an actual post.  Of course, this Lent writing is supposed to be writing about what’s on my mind at the time, but I guess if it makes my posts more interesting it would be acceptable.  And given that I can get to WordPress from my work computer (and I sit in front of it for most of the day) it makes sense to try to use drafts to better keep track of what I want to post.  I just need to figure out how to flesh out my thoughts into a full post better.

I’m open to any brilliant ideas anyone may have.



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