Weight Loss & Coworkers

They initiated a new “Weight Loss Challenge” today.  A friend of mine is over three hundred pounds and has already started a weight loss program of his own, so I offered to join up to the challenge with him.  Personally, I need to lose another fifty to seventy pounds.  The challenge is pretty simple.  Teams of two have to both lose seven percent within one hundred days.  Entry fee is twenty dollars and winning teams get their money back and split the pot generated by the entry fees of teams who fail to lost the requisite weight.

The obvious problems here of partner one becoming angry with partner two because, while partner one made the seven percent, partner two didn’t.  So you have to pick your partner carefully, which is why I was offering this to my friend.  I’m not overly concerned with my ability to lose seven pounds, especially since I’ve started running again.  And I was more than willing to be an encouragement for my friend and wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t make his goal.  (He is very motivated and shouldn’t have a problem, though.)

But, that’s not what happened.  His boss decided to team up with him instead.  So I didn’t have a partner.  He went to tell the lady who was in charge what was going on, and since she knew we were thinking of teaming up, I went with him to tease him a little about not joining a team with me.  When we got there, another (female) coworker was talking with her.  They stopped talking and my friend mentioned he was teaming up with his boss.  I made my comment about “Can you believe this guy?” and suggested that I would just do my diet on my own, like I was planning before the Challenge came up.

That’s when it happened.  “Oh, but Paul, you can still be a part.  [Female Co-worker] sitting here doesn’t have a partner either.  You guys can be on a team together.”  There was no getting out of it.  Fortunately, it was a coworker that I’ve actually had a conversation with in times past.  It still is somewhat awkward and annoying, but I can do it to “be a team player” and all that stuff.

So we were coming up with a team name.  My team mate said she wasn’t very good with the creative things, so wondered if I had any ideas.  I told her I would come up with some.  Here are the runner up names (that aren’t directly work related so much that they wouldn’t make sense:

5.  Exercise, Diet, Summer Flu:  Whatever It Takes!

4.  Heavy (Scale) Tippers

3.  We Pity the Scale

2.  IT (Insufficiently Thin)

And the number one final choice for our team name:

1.  The Vast And The Victorious (Paul Walker and [coworker name])

Yep, playing on the name to get a cheap laugh.



One Response to “Weight Loss & Coworkers”

  1. PBW Says:

    A co-worker just got a promotion and his new title, according to him, is High and Mighty Exalted One in Charge of Stuff! Must run in the family. Guess who?

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