March Madness

basketballI’m not a big basketball fan.  We (my wife and I) do occasionally watch a college game, and we have been known to fill out brackets.  (She consistently beat me… handily… so I quit trying and let her be the champion.)  But March has its own kind of Madness for our family.  March is my wife’s birthday month and up until my daughter got married, my wife’s birthday was the last of our family birthdays.  (My son-in-law’s is a week after my wife’s.)

So March ends up being very busy.  We have two birthdays in November, mine in December, two more kids in January/February (only three weeks apart), and then my wife (and son-in-law).  Throw in holidays, including Valentine’s Day and November to March is a hectic time of year for our family.  Much running around and doing of things.  It has lessened recently since the kids are all older, but when they were young enough to have a birthday party that required adult interaction (as opposed to just supervision), it was a wild ride.  I think sometimes, my wife’s birthday wish was to sleep in and not be bothered.  (Which I obliged as often as possible.)

This year we are celebrating this weekend for her birthday.  One of her favorite restaurant’s is Fuddruckers.  If you haven’t been, it is essentially a burger joint, but they cook the burger fresh and they are bigger, better, and tastier than normal fast food.  They feature a condiment bar with a plethora of fixings to add to your burger, and you can have bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms or other things added when they cook it.  They also offer fried, chicken tenders, onion rings, and… milkshakes.

The milkshakes are my downfall.  It just feels so wrong to visit Fuddruckers and NOT get a milkshake.  These are the old fashioned hand made milkshakes served in a tall glass with whipped cream and a cherry.  The extra that doesn’t fit in the glass is left in the metal mixing tumbler and served alongside, so when you finish, you can top off your glass.  They are simply magnificent, so I never mind going and “celebrating” along with my wife.

The problem is that the only Fuddruckers in our area is about half an hour south at the casinos.  Neither of us gamble, nor so we really want to start.  And there is not much at all in the area other than some few factory stores and the shows at the casino.  (And whenever we think to go, the shows are usually someone we have never heard of.)  So we travel the opposite direction of all the shopping centers, the movie theaters and everything else that we generally would do for a date night, just so we can have a burger (and milkshake).  It is frustrating, but Fuddruckers is definitely worth it.



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