As part of the birthday celebrations, we went to see Divergent this afternoon.  I’ve read the first book and now have seen the movie.  Overall, I was mostly impressed.  There were a few things left out from the book, and at least one thing that wasn’t in the book (at least not in the first book).  If you were debating going to see it, I would suggest going.  It was worth seeing.  (Spoilers after the break)

So, at the very end of the movie, as the heroes are escaping, Peter, one of the other initiates is leaving with them.  This wasn’t part of the first book, so I don’t know if it is important or not, but one of the scenes left out of the movie involves the murder of one of the Dauntless initiates.  Peter was implicated in the murder and is depicted in the book as very self serving, so much so that it is assumed he murdered the other kid because Peter was second in the ranking.  The heroes force Peter to help them in the end, but he is doing so reluctantly and only to save himself, so it is confusing to me why they would take him during their escape.

I was disappointed the murder was not part of the plot.  However they didn’t include much of the supporting casts story.  I understand that they may not figure into the future of the series, especially (obviously) the ones who die, but the movie becomes a bit more shallow when the supporting cast is just paper thin.  Again, I understand that at two hours and twenty minutes there had to be some things cut from the movie.  The first story doesn’t really lend itself to being divided into two parts, so I understand not doing that.

Having watched the movie, I’m sure there are parts that could have been done quicker, and only one scene stands out one that could be cut.  There is what appears to be a throw away scene when the Dauntless are observing/guarding a group of Factionless that are milling about.  If this becomes important later in the series, I understand including it; however, it seems extraneous to the plotline of this movie.  Still, cutting this scene wouldn’t provide enough time to include the whole murder subplot.

It would have allowed the scene at the Ferris wheel to be completed.  The book definitely includes more to this than the movie did, and I think it would have brought more to the Tris-Four relationship to include that scene than to include the scene with the Factionless.  There were a handful of other places that the movie seemed to deviate from the book (I borrowed a copy so I can’t verify all of them), but overall I think the movie will be able to stand on its own.

The only other thing I will say about the movie, and I have to admit that this bothered me more than anything else.  The train doesn’t ever stop for Dauntless.  Never.



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