Opening Day 2014

baseballThe opening game for Major League Baseball’s 2014 season was yesterday (or well, technically it was earlier last week with the games played last weekend in Australia).  But today is Opening Day.  Today is the day when most of the teams in baseball start their season.  The beginning of a new season is always an enjoyable time for me.  Our family follows baseball religiously.  We’ve enjoyed baseball whether it was our kids playing or the Atlanta Braves.

Our Braves following was threatened this year.  We tend more to the old-school following of sports and this new ear of free agents and changing teams every few years is not something we enjoy (unless the Braves trade for a power player).  This off-season, the Braves were flooded with catchers so they did not resign Brian McCann.  Now catchers have been some of our favorite players, but Brian was a home grown Atlanta catcher and we’ve really enjoyed watching him grow into the player he is now.  It was very difficult to see him leave.

In addition, the Braves didn’t resign Tim Hudson who has been one of my favorite players since several years back when I played fantasy baseball.  I traded to get Hudson on my fantasy team, partly because I thought he would be a good fit and good pitcher, but also because the Braves had picked him up.  The trade was considered, by some, to be a bad trade, and when the only other offer on the table was presented to the review board, Ted Lilly.  I enjoyed watching Hudson’s success with the Braves and felt vindicated for making the trade (the review board upheld my trade).  Hudson has a lifetime ERA of 2.72 and is still pitching with the San Francisco Giants.  Lilly has a lifetime ERA of 4.14 and is currently not in the major league.

We have debated getting season tickets both in South Carolina and since we’ve moved to Memphis.  It is probably something we will do eventually, but we still have a lot going on with kids at home, so we would probably miss more games than we see.  But I can envision a day when my after work relaxation is meeting my wife after a day of work and relaxing in the ballpark for a nice evening of baseball.  It may not sound like much to you, but it sounds wonderful to me.



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