I’m tired

sleepI’m tired.  I was sitting at my desk trying to think about what I wanted to post today.  I had a couple of ideas, then my eyes snapped opened.  I don’t recall nodding off, and I’m sure it was only for a second or two, but still.

Physically, I can point to three things that are contributing to me being tired: diet, exercise, and sleep.

My diet is supposed to be in full swing.  However, as I think I mentioned elsewhere, I have absolutely horrible discipline on the weekends.  I do pretty good during the week, with an occasional high calorie day, but I am generally horrible at keeping an accurate count over the weekend.  I’m supposed to be switching to a weekly calorie count to help compensate, and to not eating anything I can’t keep track of on my app, but I’m still skeptical.  In any case, my diet plan is simply cutting calories, so there is less energy to be had and that makes me sleepier.

Now that I’m back to running and doing the weight loss challenge at work, I’m back to the original method that helped me lose almost one hundred pounds in my first year.  I’m not so great at the diet part, but I’ve been running and lifting weights for several weeks now.  My schedule is such that I can only work out consistently in the mornings, but I’ve been consistent since I started running again.  The extra energy I’m using up combined with my lower calorie intake (especially on weekdays) helps contribute to being tired.

I know that I don’t get enough sleep.  At one point in my life (when I was still very overweight) a doctor told me I should probably be getting eight to eight and a half hours of sleep a night.  Well, with young kids, that was nigh impossible.  What I’ve learned is that even with older kids now (the youngest is fourteen) it is still nigh impossible.  This was supposed to be my focus when I was taking a break from exercise to let my foot heal.  It didn’t take.  I was getting more sleep, but now I tend to average about six and a half hours during the week.  Between the activities the kids are doing during the early part of the week and having to get up early enough to get all my exercise in, I’m struggling to keep that many hours.

In addition to all of that, the lack of sleep is taking its toll elsewhere.  I am frustrated about some things, especially when being tired affects my ability to think clearly.  Being tired also takes its toll when I try to remember stuff.  I’m very grateful for access to my email on my phone, because I can email myself things that I need to remember.

Something is going to have to give somewhere so that I can get more sleep.  I’m just not sure what it is.



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