I’m Sorry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWow, I’ve really been slacking this past week.  I have some great excuses, which I’ll cover after the break, but first I wanted to say sorry.  I know there are a few (very few) people who regularly read what I have to say.  I don’t take that for granted.  I appreciate that someone might think enough of what I say to come read my blog.  And having not posted something is a little of a let down to the few regular readers that I have, so to you guys, I’m sorry for not posting.  No excusing myself regardless of the reasons, just a sincere apology.

Now, what has been going on that kept me from posting.

Most of you know that I generally add a new post in the afternoon.  What you may not know is that I start most of my posts in the morning.  For example, this post was started between 9:30 and 10:00 am, not too long after I got to work.  I program computers for my company, and that often involves problem solving.  I confess to not being the quickest thinker around, but I am pretty good at what I do.  One of my secrets is distraction.  Well, I should probably call it intentional distraction.  When I get stuck, or when my thoughts (programming thoughts) are not flowing smoothly, I take a small break.  Most of the time this involves popping over to facebook and checking updates there, then popping over here to write a little.  Then after a few minutes, I can get back to working and my brain focuses better.  There are psychological terms and studies to back this up, but suffice it to say it works for me and for a number of other people as well.

So, what does that have to do with missing posts?  Well, most of the time I try to finish my post before I leave work.  In addition to ensuring my evening time is free in case my family needs anything, I can also keep my focus more clearly without a 30-45 minute drive to interrupt me.  Given all of that, you can probably understand how weekend posting is more difficult.  Also difficult when I work from home or leave work early.

Another point for consideration:  Late last week someone online suggested I try a new computer game called Banished.  What they failed to explain is that this computer game is like crack to someone like me.  The story is essentially that four or five families are banished from where they used to live and move to a new location to start fresh.  They have a handful of supplies and willing hearts and hands.  The game is a “builder” game in which the player picks places for farms, houses, and other buildings in an attempt to make this small group of survivors into a society.

With that information as a basis, here is the run down on the reasons I didn’t post each of the four days I missed (both legitimate and otherwise).

Saturday – In the morning, we had errands to run in the morning and went to see the new Captain America movie (either 4 or 4.5 stars, haven’t decided yet).  When the movie was over, we went home and I started playing Banished to relax.  At some point, I realized I hadn’t posted my blog and opened a new browser to do so, but the wireless adapter on my laptop was not working.  This happens on occasion, and if I reboot, it self corrects.  Since I was in the middle of my game, though, I decided I’d reboot later.  Then I forgot.

Sunday – After church I spent most of the day getting my clothes and food ready for this work week.  We made gumbo and I had to separate individual bowls for my lunch (250 calories for 2.5 cups, fyi).  Again, once it was all done, I sat down to relax between 7 and 8 pm and completely forgot about my blog.

Tuesday – Over the weekend (I think Saturday night) our microwave went out.  I checked with my boss and worked from home on Tuesday with the idea of looking at the microwave to see if it was fixable.  Well, work got a little involved and I never got a chance to look at it (good thing we were able to get a spare).  Anyway, between being busy with work and being home, I didn’t get a chance to post.

Wednesday – While I was home on Tuesday, our pest control company called to schedule our annual termite inspection.  The inspector was supposed to meet me around 2pm on Wednesday, so I left work early and logged in from home again.  I never even thought about my blog until later last night when we were at the grocery.

So, there are my excuses, for better or worse.  They are more explanations and not really attempts to excuse myself.  Hopefully I’ll be more consistent in the future.



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