Maundy Thursday

lastsupperToday is Maundy Thursday.  Aside from growing up Baptist and therefore being taught that everything Roman Catholic is utterly un-Biblical, I knew nothing of this special day until recently.  Maundy, according to Wikipedia, is from the Latin word for foot washing.  Maundy Thursday is the commemoration of Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles and His last supper with them.  While some Christian denominations claim foot washing as sacramental, not all do; however, all Christian denominations treat the last supper as sacramental in the form of Communion, or the Lord’s Supper.  (Although many avoid the “Roman Catholic” word “sacrament” under the same misconception I mention above.)

I don’t consider the foot washing to be sacramental, but I love Maundy Thursday.  John gives us a fabulous description of the events of that evening in chapters 13-17 of his Gospel.  Jesus covers a number of topics in that discussion.  He says the Holy Spirit will come once Christ has gone, promising the Holy Spirit will be with us forever, be our teacher, and convict the world of sin.  We see this come to pass in Acts 2 and the rest of the New Testament.

Christ also prays to the Father in chapter 17.  He prays for me, for you, for all Christians, that we would be one with Christ and the Father and with one another.  There is beautiful comfort in Christ’s prayer.  It mirrors the acceptance we see in Romans 8.  He prays for us to see His glory and be filled with the love of God.

We commemorate the Last Supper each time we take part in Communion.  Communion is a sacrament, and as such, it is one of the normal means by which God ministers grace into our lives.  I find it comforting and amazing that, in the face of the cross, Christ was praying for us and establishing one of the means of grace by which He would continually bless our lives.  We know that Christ was crucified for us, but it is yet another reminder that, while He died for us, He was also living for us and with us in His thoughts.  Comforting.



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